Stinky Designs understands the needs of the small business owner and specializes in the equine community. 

Think your budget can't afford to GET STINKY?  Can your business afford not to?  Look up.  First impressions either steal your breath... Or leave ya holdin' your nose!  Image is key for the success of any business but absolutely essential for the equine industry.  With a memorable logo; stunning ad design and a powerful online presence, your dedication to the industry and to those investing in your services will be evident.

Kick off your boots or slide off those kicks and take a looksee at the Stinky Difference!  Logos, Facebook Cover Photos, Flyers  and Business Card Design are all given a discount when combined with one another or with a website.!   
"He can call me Flower.  If he wants to."

Out of the box, innovative, MEMORABLE.  You may very well forget the name of other web and graphic design companies, but it's unlikely you'll forget "that skunk"!    Let's get'cha STINKY!
Aggressive, tell it straight, take life by the horns, been there, done that, have a few scars to prove it.

Michele Strotman - Owner/Web Designer

Nichelle Martin - Graphic Designer      

Marlena Robinson - Graphic Designer (on temporary leave)